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Our Services

Our professional team of us from the moment you apply to be treated in Turkey is planning the entire treatment process for you for free.

If you claim as your treatment if you order in Turkey, private guided city tours, shopping tours, boat tours, we organize gourmet tours and vacation packages.

If you indicate that you want to take advantage of our airport transfer service while you are planning your travel, airport transfer service is provided by our specially appointed transfer officers.

Turkey you will find information about Health Visas and passports. Turkey visa application health How? What are the countries that can enter without a visa?

Accommodation alternatives are provided by our professional accommodation team for the health tourists who want to come to our country for treatment purposes and who communicate with us.

When you plan your travel, your flight tickets can be organized by us upon your request.

Istanbul “Solas Health”

Turkey, the world is the second country with the most hospitals in general. Due to the high-tech and fully equipped hospitals and physicians in private practice is more than the number of Turkey, it is among the most preferred country for medical tourism. Health Solas family as Turkey for treatment to our patients choose the most reliable, highest quality, we are working to provide the most professional and comfortable service. With our young, dynamic and innovative team, we are renewing ourselves every day with the R&D studies we do all over the world in order to provide you the best service.

Our Contracted Hospitals

Our support team is here to answer your questions. You can get instant information about our services!